Skorts Are Back in Fashion – Here’s Why

Skorts Are Back in Fashion – Here’s Why

Posted on Friday, July 16, 2021 By Natalie Crouch

In April 2021, Gen Z-ers discovered skorts on TikTok. A user by the name of tallivingtiny posted a video of herself marvelling over the practical and stylish ‘short skirt’, and this video has since received over 900,000 views on the platform. 

Needless to say, skorts are now enjoying a new wave of popularity with younger crowds, but they’re equally in fashion across all ages. They might not be anything new, but they’ve certainly been given a new lease of life! Charlize Theron recently sported a head-turning Dior skort on the red carpet, proving that the iconic look is great for both sport and style.

A woman wearing a black golf skort swinging her golf club on the course

Can’t Decide Between a Skirt or Shorts? Why Not Both

Gen Z discovering skorts on TikTok goes to show the timeless appeal that the garment offers. Skorts pair wonderfully with almost any ensemble, and golf skorts in particular boast all the charm of a regular skirt with the added security and ease that comes with a pair of shorts. What’s not to love?

Golf skorts are also a true summer staple. The blend of comfort and chic panache that they offer makes them the perfect middle ground between sporty function and contemporary fashion. They’re a real head-turner on the course – and a great leisurewear option off of it. The fact that one skort can be worn in so many different ways is arguably the main reason why contemporary fashionistas have begun to champion them once again.

Skorts are More Than Just a TikTok Trend

It’s fantastic to see younger generations embrace the skort through TikTok, but as we know, they’re much more than just a fleeting craze! They’ve been around for ages, providing the perfect sporty summer look for women worldwide. Their rise in lifestyle fashion means that designers have been able to become increasingly creative in the designs they produce, resulting in some unique and eye-catching designs to complement any sense of style.

The Lucky in Love brand is the perfect example of a brand that has fun with its skort styles. Just browse their great range to see for yourself – they offer some unique designs that truly capture the heart and soul of the garment.

Two models wearing colourful golf skorts posing against a pink background

Golf Skorts: Perfect for Both Sport and Leisure

As contemporary fashion blurs the line between sportswear and leisurewear, the appeal of active items like the skort continues to rise. An emphasis is rightly being placed on clothing items with an adaptable flair that appeals to all manner of lifestyle trends. 

A golf skort is great for summer days on the green, providing an excellent range of motion and a light, breezy fit to keep you cool. Their flexibility means they pair well with polo shirts, tank tops, blouses, jackets and more – just see for yourself!.

A golfer dressed in a blue golf skort swinging her golf club on the green

Shop Delightful Ladies Golf Skorts on Love Golf Clothing

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