Leading the line in high-performance and innovative golfing gear, Srixon is world-renowned for excellent quality at an affordable price. Love Golf Clothes proudly stocks a range of Srixon golf balls to cater to individual playing styles, all expertly balanced to ensure all-out performance on the green.

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High-Quality Srixon Golf Balls

Each Srixon golf ball is crafted using industry-leading technology to ensure peak performance and maximum balance. A key tool in the arsenal of the pros, Srixon is relied upon by many tour players including Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry and Graeme McDowell. Love Golf stocks 12-ball boxes on each of our four varieties, so you can find the perfect ball for your game.

Now Stocking the Premium Srixon AD333 

Nothing makes a first impression like the off-the-tee performance of a Srixon AD333. Housing a lower compression build that delivers outstanding distance and greenside control, the AD333 golf ball is a tour favourite and a real winner for those looking for a well-balanced, premium golfing experience. Coated in a unique outer skin that maximises spin and improves control, this golf ball is hugely effective at affording you more greenside success.

Upgrade Your Game with Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

An ideal option for those looking for great ball feedback on each swing, Srixon’s Soft Feel golf ball offers a satisfying impact on every swing thanks to its soft, thin cover and innovative FastLayer core. Their impressive travel distance is further aided by dimples that function superbly during travel, even in windy conditions. We also stock the Soft Feel Lady, which is finetuned for a lady’s swing to ensure you get the most out of the Soft Feel experience regardless of your style. 

Performance-Focused Srixon Ultisoft Golf Balls

If you’re after an even softer feel, the Ultisoft golf balls are your best bet. This is the lowest compression ball in Srixon’s arsenal, making it perfect for golfers after a high-angling launch with a middling spin. Taking what gives the Soft Feel ball its unmatched impact response and turning the dial up even further, the Ultisoft ball offers unrivalled travel and optimal performance in the wind.

Srixon Offers Guaranteed Performance and Ultimate Versatility

Whatever your playstyle and skill level, Srixon has you covered. No two golfers are the same, so why should a key tool in their armoury be any different? Each product is developed specifically for your game, refined by our industry-best craftsmanship and endorsed by some of the world’s best golfers. From core composition to the outer layer to dimple pattern, each component is expertly crafted and tailored to your specifications. 

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