Ladies golf jumpers and designer knitwear will keep you warm on the course without sacrificing style over substance. Choose from a wide range of jumpers both lined and unlined, including cotton and man-made knits. You won’t be short on choice with a variety of styles to suit your preference including pullovers, V-neck jumpers, as well as half-zip and full-zip knitwear.

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Abacus Cardigan, Rohnisch Cable Sweater, Chervo Cashmere & Others

With plenty of top brands to choose from, our women’s range features industry-leading golf jumpers and knitwear. We stock designer golf jumpers, sweatshirts and knits from the likes of Swing Out Sister, Rohnisch, Green Lamb, Daily Sports and Chervo. With our specially selected and trusted brands, you can rest assured that you are getting the latest, top-quality knitwear for this golfing season. 

Don’t Sacrifice Style Over Substance

Looking great is an integral part of the game and with our specially selected women’s golf jumpers and knitwear, you can stay stylish on and off the golf course. 

For those who want a more casual look, half-zip and full-zip jumpers make a great top layer that can be easily adjusted depending on the conditions. Knitwear is also fantastic for that traditional golf look and feel; cable knit jumpers are perfect for this. With a selection of designs and materials available in sizes 8-22, there really is something for everyone.

Stay Warm on The Green and Carry on Playing

As the cooler months draw in, our range of knitwear is ideal for keeping in the heat whilst on the course or at the driving range. Don’t let the cold stop you from getting out there and having a great game. 

The knitwear we offer will keep you warm without giving up manoeuvrability, so you can still strike great shots no matter what. Try full-zip or half-zip knitwear as a great option to balance out the cold, keeping you at the optimum temperature.

Premium Knitwear Materials 

Knitwear has been featured as staple golf attire for a long period of time and there is good reason for it too. Premium materials such as cashmere and merino wool are not only breathable and comfortable, they keep you warmer for longer. Stay on the golf course and get more game time, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Make the Most of Layers

Generally, in golf, there are considered to be three key layers that ensure you stay dry, effectively regulate your temperature and protect you from the sun, wind or rain. A golf jumper is a crucial mid-layer that features depending on the time of year and the weather. As the temperature drops, knitwear acts as your mid-layer, offering additional thermal insulation to keep the body warm and comfortable and keeping in heat generated by the body. This way, should the weather take a turn for the worst, you can add your waterproof outer layer to keep the rain off and remain dry.

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