Why the Golf Vest is a Must-Have for Golf in 2024

Why the Golf Vest is a Must-Have for Golf in 2024

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2023 By Natalie Crouch

The golf vest is the perfect item of clothing for those in between seasons and an essential aspect of women's golf clothes. During the unpredictable spring and summer weather, you'll find yourself reaching for a gilet when you can't decide between a warm jacket and a golf shirt. A happy and stylish medium!

Often referred to as a body warmer or golf vest, there are plenty of stylish golf vests to add to your wardrobe for 2024. Already know what you're looking for? We stock a range of women's golf vests to suit all sizes and styles. Browse the range today!

Not sold on the benefits of a vest just yet? Stay tuned as the Love Golf team runs through the benefits of owning a vest rather than opting for a long-sleeve option on the course this season.

Increase the range of your golf swing

Whether you're teeing off for the first round or squaring up for your final putt, a few extra centimetres and roominess can make all the difference to your swing.  

Taking away the bulkiness and restrictions of a down jacket from your shoulders and arms means you can move more freely and without obstruction. This is handy for gameplay and moving from the course to home and everywhere in between! 

If you're after sleek and stylish ladies' golf wear, a golf vest ensures you have the freedom of movement you need. The Green Lamb Noelle Quilted Vest With Stretch Back is a perfect choice. The fabric on the back is designed to offer an extra bit of give as you move, while the quilted design on the front ensures you're protected from the elements.

Get the warmth of a coat in the form of a light layer

The gilet provides the cosy warmth of a down jacket in a packable and lightweight form. Insulating synthetic fibres or soft down filling is excellent at trapping body heat to keep the whole body warm, even though it's a sleeveless garment—living up to the name "body warmer!" 

For spring and summer 2024, you need a vest that will protect you from unexpected showers, be insulated enough to keep you warm and comfortable and be available in a stylish colourway. The ROHNISCH Frida Vest in white has a soft Jersey feel with a brushed inside for additional warmth. This classic vest has a true designer feel and features a full zip front, two front zip pockets, and wind fabric panels.


A vest is the ultimate crossover between fashionable and functional 

 With many colours and styles to choose from, women's golf vests offer something special when it comes to layering. 

The vest can be paired with a cosy knitted sweater or cardigan for warmth and comfort during colder days. For brighter days heading into more balmy weather conditions, the vest can be layered over a bright, long-sleeved polo shirt for that pop of colour on the course!

Layer up on the green with a new vest

Spring is the perfect time to add an extra layer of comfort and style, and Summer is perfect for a lighter option that increases flexibility. Want to add a women's golf vest to your golf wardrobe? Look no further than our collection of vests here at Love Golf Clothes.

For more outfit inspiration, check out the Love Golf blog, where you can find the latest style trends for the seasons, info on the must-have brands, and the team's favourite picks.