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The Best Golf Gloves to Elevate Your Game

Posted on August 17 2021

The long awaited summer is finally here! This means it’s time to put away the thicker golf accessories and make sure we’re fully equipped for those sunny days. Ladies golf gloves are a crucial accessory when it comes to playing to your best ability, so finding a comfortable, breathable and practical glove is a must this summer. Love Golf has a variety of women’s golfing clothes to suit each individual’s needs - let’s take a look at some of the best selling ladies golf gloves.


Are you trying to avoid the notorious ‘white hand’ effect while golfing this summer? We have the perfect glove for you! The White Sun Glove by Surprize Shop features a fine net mesh to ensure your hands tan with the rest of your body while out on the pitch this summer. Made from luxury cabretta leather, this golfing glove is breathable, durable and also features velcro fastening to ensure a snug fit for the right handed golfer. Bringing elegance to your outfit with the white leather design, this glove by Sunrize Shop is the perfect ladies golf glove to complete your outfit this summer! 

Suprize White Golf Gloves


For all of our left handed golfers, the Daily Sports Sun Glove is a great choice for those who are looking for practicality and class. This glove features a cabretta leather palm as well as a fine mesh net on the top to allow sun rays in. Contrasting with the black leather, a white logo is featured on the wrist straps which helps to secure the fit. Black leather ladies golf gloves are a classic addition to any outfit, making the Daily Sports Sun Glove a great staple piece to have in your golfing wardrobe this summer. 


Daily Black Golf Gloves


GREEN LAMB Isla Leather Glove Petal 

We love ladies golf clothes that are both practical and stylish - that’s why we’re a huge fan of the Isla Leather Glove in Petal Print by Green Lamb. Featuring a sheepskin leather palm and a lycra backing that is comfortable and stretchy, this glove is a great choice for the right handed golfer. Also featuring velcro fastening, you can trust this glove to stay in place while you’re swinging on the pitch. The petal print boasts summery pink, purple and navy tones; this print is also available as a dress, skort and sleeveless polo - what could be better than a matching golf fit? We love the Green Lamb range of ladies golf clothes and all of their vibrant prints!

GREEN LAMB Isla Leather Glove Petal

DAILY SPORTS Tan Through Half Finger 

A more breathable option for those hot days on the pitch is the Tan Through Half Finger Glove by Daily Sports. A fine mesh net on the back enables your hands to tan with the rest of your body, while the half finger design provides more circulation for those summer months. Also featuring a gorgeous navy cabretta leather on the palm, this glove is practical and sturdy while also staying stylish. This ladies golf glove is perfect for the right handed golfer who prefers the half finger style!

DAILY SPORTS Tan Through Half Finger


Shop The Wide Range Of Ladies Golf Gloves At Love Golf

At Love Golf, we have a huge variety of ladies golf clothes to suit each individual golfer! Browse the wide range of ladies golf clothing, accessories and gloves to find your perfect fit for the pitch this summer. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new pair of golf gloves from Love Golf's impressive range today!

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