J.Lindeberg: The brand challenging Golf's stereotypes

J.Lindeberg: The brand challenging Golf's stereotypes

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 By Natalie Crouch

J.Lindeberg: The brand challenging Golf's stereotypes

Golf as a sport can sometimes get labelled as an ‘old man's game’ or even ‘behind the times’ which up until very recently was probably the case. But thankfully, there are more and more people taking up the game we all love and not only enjoying it, but also challenging the norms that are typically associated with golf. From female LPGA tour players breaking course records to new brands bringing new and abstract takes to golfing fashion, here at Love Golf Clothes we welcome the desire to change and make the game more inclusive. 

One brand that is really pushing the limits of what we know and expect from golf fashion is J.Lindeberg. The Swedish fashion house has taken to the game of golf with an ambitious vision, to bridge the gap between stylish fashion and the functionality of activewear. Offering a wide selection of garments for every occasion, it is the J Lindeberg golf collection that really has people talking. 

A brief history of J Lindeberg Golf

The Scandinavian fashion brand was founded in the Swedish city of Stockholm in 1996 with the aim to create an international brand for modern and aware customers. Created by founder Johan Lindeberg when he left his position as Marketing Director of Diesels United States operations, he set out to harness his love for the game of golf to create a fashion line that can be worn out on the course. 

The global lifestyle brand has been creating contemporary golf wear since before the turn of the millennium. Since then, they have truly established themselves as one of the real pioneers of the new modern golf movement.

J.Lindeberg’s work off the course

Their work doesn’t just stop at the golf, you can find J.Lindeberg pieces in many other walks of fashion. With a keen focus on activewear, general fashion as well as ski wear, the Scandinavian brand aims to become the most successful sports fashion brand in the world. And with close to 90 stores in 35 different countries, you can say they are well on their way. 

What makes J Lindeberg’s Golf Collection stand out?

Over the course of its more than 20-year history, J.Lindeberg has established itself as one of the most recognisable brands in the game of golf. With its striking designs and patterns, as well as multiple brand ambassadors scattered throughout the PGA and LPGA, J.Lindeberg is being pushed into the conversation with some of the biggest golf brands in the world. But how did they get to this point? What makes them stand out?

Outside-of-the-box designs

In the latest collection of J Lindeberg golfwear, they continue to carry the vision of merging functionality and contemporary style. While some of the winter collection is tamer in comparison to the summer collection, they still ensure that the visuals provided showing off their products provoke conversation with their contemporary style. The summer of 2022 saw J.Lindeberg’s golf collection challenge the stereotypical styling habits of the normal golfer causing many to consider how they dress for the course. 

Shop some of J.Lindeberg’s punchiest designs.

A strong presence on the PGA and LPGA Tour

One of the best ways to infiltrate the traditional norms of a game like golf is to get your product seen at the highest level of competition. That is exactly what J.Lindeberg set out to do, and they have done it well. Securing a deal with the number 1 ranked female golfer in the world, Olympic Gold Medalist Nelly Korda is a move that all of us here at Love Golf Clothes absolutely adore. As we’ve mentioned many times in previous posts, we’re huge advocates for supporting brands that provide high-quality clothes and at the same time further the women's game. 

Of course, on the men’s PGA Tour they have a deal with Viktor Hovland, who made headlines when he became the first Norwegian to win on the PGA Tour when he claimed his first title in 2021.

J Lindeberg Golf wear is designed with performance in mind

The Swedish brand has always made sure that its striking designs are backed up by elite-level performance. Take the Asa Soft Compression Top Bridge Swirl in White for example. Where a traditional golf brand may opt for a more reserved look and focus minimally on how it affects your golf, J.Lindeberg has gone for a bold approach. This compression top can be worn as a base layer or by itself, thus showing off the stunning design. 

We’re not strangers to the benefits of high-quality golfwear. With increased freedom to swing properly and relinquish any fears of overheating, ensuring you have the right gear for your game is essential. Explore our guide to enhancing your game with ladies' golfwear.

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