How Golfing Activewear Can Improve Your Game

How Golfing Activewear Can Improve Your Game

Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 By Natalie Crouch

There’s such a wide range of stylish golf clothes and accessories on the market today - and we’re totally here for it! But let’s not forget practicality. Finding apparel that is both stylish and helps to elevate your golfing game is extremely important for when you’re out on the pitch. Considering comfort, breathability, grip and sun protection is crucial when it comes to choosing your golfing apparel. That’s why Love Golf provides a great range of dedicated ladies golfing clothes and accessories for all of your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using practical golfing activewear. 

Ladies Golf Clothes For Comfort 

Comfort may be one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing ladies golf clothes. Choosing clothing that makes you feel confident out on the pitch is a great first step - remember, dress to fit your body, not a clothing size! Love Golf has a wide variety of ladies golf clothing in unique styles, patterns and colours - customising your own individual golfing outfit has never been easier! Secondly, choosing a material that is soft and flexible is essential to enable you to move around comfortably when teeing off or walking on the pitch. Feeling comfortable and confident on the pitch will have great benefits for your mental self belief, as well as your practical performance. 


 Pink Golf Dress


Breathable Women’s Golf Clothes

Whatever the weather, you’ll want to choose golfing apparel that is breathable. Lightweight materials enable the air to circulate around your body while you’re out on the pitch, helping to keep you cool and comfortable. Cotton and polyester based fabrics are a great choice for hot days, as these materials help to reduce sweat and regulate your body temperature due to their lightweight structure and ventilation. Some of the most breathable ladies golf clothes available at Love Golf include golf dresses, skorts and ventilated polo shirts.

White Polo Golf Shirt


Ladies Golf Gloves With Grip

Golf gloves are specifically designed to ensure the ultimate level of grip when you tee off. Designed to be more tackier than skin, the golf glove ensures that the club will not slip from your grip when you take your shot. This can also lead to a more relaxed grip, which is an important skill to master on the golf course. Don’t worry - wearing a glove won’t leave you with a bad tan line. A wide range of ladies golf gloves available at Love Golf are specifically designed to let the sun rays in - letting your hands tan alongside your body. 

Golf Gloves

Women’s Golf Visors and Hats For Sunny Days

There’s nothing worse than the sun shining in your face just as you’re about to tee off! Making sure you have a practical visor is crucial for those summer days on the golf pitch. While protecting your eyes from the sun, a visor also helps to keep you cool by letting heat escape from the top of your head. If you’re looking for more protection for the whole of your head on a sunny day, a cap is a great option to keep you sun safe and on top of your game on the pitch. Whatever style you’re looking for, Love Golf offers a wide range of both stylish and practical ladies golf headwear

Golf Viser

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We love looking stylish and chic out on the pitch, but ensuring that your golfing apparel is practical will help you to reach the top of your game. Browse our website today and take your game to the next level with our range of prestigious ladies golf clothing brands.