Golfing Headwear To Make You Stand Out On The Course

Golfing Headwear To Make You Stand Out On The Course

Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021 By Natalie Crouch

When hitting the golf course, you want to be at your best no matter the weather. Without proper headwear the sun can get in your eyes in the Summer, and the wind and rain can affect your play in the Winter. Below, we have listed some of our headwear recommendations for every climate so that you can always play your best.

Ladies Golfing Visors 

Visors are a great addition to your golfing kit, especially in the hot weather - They allow the heat to escape through the top of your head but still block out the sun. We might be biased, but we think that they’re a classic golfing staple and look pretty cool too. See some of our recommendations below!

ROHNISCH Clip-on Visor Moss Melange.

This visor is clip on with an adjustable telephone cord. It’s made of recycled and quick dry materials so it won’t become uncomfortable in the Summer or Winter and even has a matching skirt.

DAILY SPORTS Luisa Visor 605 in Navy

Like our previous recommendation, the Luisa visor is adjustable and comes as part of the Luisa range. This means that there’s a Skort, Dress and Top with the same pattern for you to mix and match. 

ROHNISCH Logo Sun Visor in Black

The Rohnisch Logo Sun Visor is a classic visor in black with an elasticated band and adjustable back. It could be paired with any of your golfing gear and is a brilliant all-rounder. 


golfing visor


Ladies Golfing Summer Hats 

For those who aren’t fans of visors, or want to mix things up a little, we would suggest the hats listed below - They have special properties that make them perfect for the hotter weather.

J.LINDEBERG Anga Cap -Tech Stretch in White

This hat has excellent ventilation and absorption abilities as well as a special cooling sweatband built inside. Being white, it also reflects a lot of the sunlight away from your head. 

DUCA DEL COSMA Magnetic Cap in Red

This magnetic cap in red is fabulous quality, and what we believe is a great deal! It has an adjustable band, breathable fabric and even includes a magnet and ball marker for when you’re on the course. It’d look great with the Duca Del Cosma Queenscup Golf Shoe in Red.

golfing summer hat

Ladies Golfing Winter Hats

In the Winter, we suggest getting yourself a cap that has been designed to withstand the rain and wind as well as the sun – a great selection of these can be found on Love Golf. Make sure you stay warm and complete the winter outfit, why not browse the 5 must have winter pieces.

ROHNISCH Rain Cap in Navy Dot 

This cap has been made from fully waterproof fabric and ensures that you stay warm and dry in the wettest of conditions. It’d go great with the Rohnisch Embrace Pull On Trousers in Navy. 

SURPRIZE SHOP Waterproof Quilted Winter Wind Cap in Grey

This cap has been specially designed to cover the players neck and ears when it's chilly. With a quilted design and fleeced panel, it covers the neck and ears brilliantly but also folds away. It's wind and waterproof and also comes with a magnetic ball marker.

Go to Love Golf for a great selection of ladies Golfing headwear. 

Love Golf is proud to be able to offer such a vast selection of headwear for all seasons. If you have any questions whatsoever, please call us on 07875 612299 or fill out our online contact form.