5 Must-Have Ladies Golf Accessories to Take on the Course All Year Round

5 Must-Have Ladies Golf Accessories to Take on the Course All Year Round

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2022 By Natalie Crouch


Once you have your stylish and comfortable golf clothes figured out, it’s important to take the right accessories to the course to complement your new golf outfit. Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to how well you play and how confident you are on the course. 

The seasonal changes from winter to spring and summer to autumn give way to a multitude of weather and course conditions. This is why it’s a good idea to stock up your golf bag with must-have items to prepare for every eventuality. 

At Love Golf Clothes, we specialise in the supply of ladies luxury golfwear from unique designer brands. Our expert team has selected 5 of our favourite ladies golf accessories that will complete any outfit and keep you playing your best. 

Keep your hands warm with a new pair of golf gloves

From cold winter days to chilly autumn mornings, a pair of golf gloves will prevent your hands from seizing up and compromising the accuracy of your putt. With a range of thicknesses, colours and styles available, gloves are an excellent addition to your golf bag for those who need an extra layer of comfort. 

One of the favourite picks from the team is the Chervo XMagic Winter Golf Gloves. In a sleek and traditional black colourway, these gloves complement any golf outfit. Also featuring the ‘magic’ touch - golfers can scroll through their phone or touch screen device without removing their gloves!

Ladies Winter Gloves

Feel comfortable on the course in a fresh pair of trainer socks

It may seem obvious, but a comfortable pair of socks can make a huge difference to the way your shoes feel on your feet. Prevent rubbing on the heel or toe with a staple pair of trainer socks to ensure your focus remains on the game.

Stay secure with the Daily Sports Marlene Socks. Providing a protective layer between your heel and the top of your trainers, these socks also feature an anti-rucking instep to help remain in place.  

Ladies Sports Socks

Say goodbye to cold hands by carrying some trusty hand warmers

Winter golf can be challenging with the drop in temperature, especially when the cold doesn’t allow your hands to grip the clubs properly. Before heading out on the course this winter, make sure to grab a few hand warmers! 

The Love Golf team adore the HAAGO Hand Warmers (they even have a box of toe warmers too!). Warming in 5 minutes and lasting for 8 hours, hand warmers are the perfect companion to your winter golf.

Hand Warmers

Cosy up with a new knitted hat

The Walda Bobble Hat from Chervo is one of our favourite ladies golf accessories. Part of the visors and hats collection, this sophisticated bobble hat features a viscose-polyamide blend yarn that gives a soft feel and cosy warmth. 

Next time you are playing golf, it is a great idea to pack a visor or hat. They are one of the most versatile golf accessories around and provide a warmer layer on frosty days. 

Winter Hat Ladies

Feel secure and stylish in your new belt

Playing a round golf means you are moving your body around in many different ways. Putting can test both your balance and your clothing, so ensure you are feeling secure with a new golf belt.

J.Lindeberg’s Lykke Golf Belt had a sleek and stylish woven texture that is visually appealing as well as elasticated to fit snugly around your middle. In a white colourway, the Lykke belt nicely completes your golf outfit and keeps you feeling secure and comfortable!

Ladies Sports Belt

Get the most out of your golf accessories

Step onto the course with all the best accessories to keep your game sharp. Available online at Love Golf Clothes.