3 Ladies Golf Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

3 Ladies Golf Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 By Natalie Crouch

Are you looking to wear the newest collections out on the golf course? Want to find out the latest trends in the ladies golfing industry? Make sure you stay ahead of the curve this year and find out which fashion trends will be big in the world of golf.


This year we predict new vibrant patterns, a push towards a sustainable ethos and the inclusion of stylish face coverings as just some of the top trends for ladies golfwear. Find out more about our expert predictions, here: 



As golf brands strive to reduce their impact on the environment, sustainable practices are becoming a bigger focus for companies across the world. Brands like Rohnisch are committed to making better, eco-friendly choices with their collections including: using recycled materials, reducing unnecessary chemical use, creating lasting deigns, clever care processes and smart labelling for transparency. Sustainable design solutions have been implemented across an increasing number of product ranges, with the vision of creating a more eco-conscious sporting landscape in the coming years.


Vibrant Patterns

2021 is the year to stand out and, with this year’s latest designs, there’s never been a better time! Make an impression with vibrant designs including Tail’s Electra Stripe collection. Finish off the looks with striking accessories such as Surprize Shop’s zebra gloves and leopard print visor. If you're looking for headwear to stand out, we've got you covered too. 


Face Coverings & Snoods

Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on the golfing world. Alongside space and increased hygiene precautions, face coverings are still an essential part of daily play. Look stylish whilst staying safe with a stunning Surprize Shop snood. This versatile face covering is made from comfort stretch material and can be easily used as a mask and then pulled back down for play. The snood designs come in a range of patterns including Zebra and Ocean Grey.


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