2023’s Most Trendy Ladies' Golf Clothes so Far | Love Golf Clothes

2023’s Most Trendy Ladies' Golf Clothes so Far | Love Golf Clothes

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 By Natalie Crouch

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Women's golf clothing has come a long way in recent years, as more and more big players in the golf wear industry have taken to refreshing and expanding their ladies' collections. With greater variety and range to choose from brands like Callaway, women in golf are now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking what they want to wear whilst playing 18 holes.

Now in 2023, we are seeing different brands take centre stage in the ladies' golf wear category, challenging the traditional way of looking at women's golf clothing. Join us in this blog as we run through some of our favourite new trendy ladies' golf clothes of the year so far.

Amelie Mid Skort in Brilliant Blue Big Bridge from J.Lindeberg

This skirt from J.Lindeberg ticks all the boxes for us here at Love Golf Clothes. Thanks to its bold patterns and high-quality fabric, it has established itself as a real statement piece in our range. Every collection the Scandinavian design-house releases tends to push the boundaries of what you expect from a trendy ladies' golf clothes brand. The 2023 season looks like it will be producing more pieces with bold designs and patterns as golfers look to express themselves through their outfits. 

Want to find out more about J.Lindeberg? Discover the brand pushing the boundaries of golf.

Sue Polo in Pale Teal from Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott is one of the newest brands to be added to the Love Golf Clothes collection and for good reason. Their summer collection is a delightful combination of pastel colours with classic silhouettes featuring modern features. The Sue Polo in Pale Teal is a great example of one of the best new trends in ladies' golf clothes. Simple designs accompanied by pastel colours have become more and more popular.

Marble Long Sleeve Polo from Daily Sports

As mentioned earlier in this blog, strong patterns have seen a rise in popularity and this Long Sleeve Polo in Marble from Daily Sports is another example. 2023 truly is the year of strong designs and statement pieces for the women's game. As is the case with a lot of new trendy ladies' golf clothes is the fact that they are made from the best materials, making them even more wearable. This particular piece is crafted from a quick-dry material meaning it isn’t the end of the world if you get caught in a shower.

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