5 Best Golf Polo Shirts for Summer 2023

5 Best Golf Polo Shirts for Summer 2023

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2023 By Natalie Crouch

In the past 10 years, the golf polo shirt has evolved so much that if you were to compare a 10-year-old polo shirt with something of the present day, the differences would be pretty straightforward. You will first notice the change in fabrics used to craft the golf polo shirts. Thanks to years of research into what material makes the best-performance golf polo has led to the clothing becoming lighter and more functional.

Here at Love Golf Clothes, we are always looking to be able to offer that next big thing in golf innovation, which is why we don’t just stock any old golf polo. A good golf polo in our eyes needs to be lightweight on the body, breathable on those hot summer days and crafted from a moisture-wicking fabric at the very least. 

With all this in mind, we have collated the 5 best golf polos from the new Daily Sports collection for your summer golf wardrobe, along with additional clothing to pair them with. Discover your new favourite golf polo from this list.

Why choose Daily Sports for your Golf Wardrobe?

Daily Sports is Sweden’s largest golf clothing brand for women and one we’re especially happy to be able to offer through Love Golf Clothes. Known for their feminine and unique designs with attractive features without compromising on functionality or comfort. Daily Sport embodies the same core principle as Love Golf Clothes, your golfing wardrobe should be versatile enough to be worn off the course as well as on it. 

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Flair Cap Sleeve Polo 

Starting strong, the Flair Cap Sleeve Polo from Daily Sports embodies everything you expect from summer golf. The vibrant summer colours of Coral, Spectrum Blue and Mandarin featured on a floral pattern mean you’ll be hard to miss when the sun is beating down on the course. Made from a lightweight stretch-mesh fabric intertwined with Quick Dry material will have you cool and comfortable even at the peak of summer.

To style this piece perfectly, pair it with some golf trousers from the same Daily Sports collection. Alternatively, a pair of white trousers, shorts or skorts would do wonders to bring out the colours in the golf polo. 

Peoria Short Sleeve Polo in White

The versatility of a good white golf polo should not be underestimated, it acts as a canvas for whatever colour or style you are looking to take on. While drawing no immediate attention to itself, the Peoria Short Sleeve Polo from Daily Sports allows you to express yourself with your choice of trousers, shorts or skirts. Why not add your favourite colour to the mix with a bright pair of trousers? This piece features a front zip meaning the crop of the neckline can be adjusted, depending on how hot the day is. 

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Anzio Short Sleeve Polo in Skylight Blue

A V-neck neckline is not what you’d normally expect from a golf polo shirt. Offering unparalleled breathability, the Anzio Short Sleeve polo is a welcome addition to any keen golfer's wardrobe. The side slits to accompany the sky blue colour means you’ll feel as fresh as you look. 

This golf polo is also made from a stretchy, recycled material. This is a new trend that we’ve seen introduced into the world of ladies' golf clothing as more brands become more environmentally conscious. Looking to take advantage of recyclable material, golf brands can reduce their carbon footprint by getting more use out of their material. This is a trend we expect to stick around and a welcome one at that. 

Peoria Sleeveless Polo in Coral

The Peoria is the newest addition to the ever-popular Macy polo collection from Daily Sports. The zip neck accompanied by the sleeveless nature of the polo means you will be hard-pressed to find a more breathable golf polo anywhere else. Similarly to the Anzio Short Sleeve mentioned above, this piece is also made from recycled material. However, the Peoria Sleeveless is made from 100% recycled polyester, making it one of the most sustainable pieces in the range. 

The coral colour would suit a pair of black or white trousers, shorts or skorts. Of course, you have free reign to combine whatever colours you are feeling on the day. The Peoria is also available in White and Black, giving you even more choice for your next favourite golf outfit. 

Candy Cap Short Sleeve Polo

A classic smart look that will never go out of style. The Candy Cap Short Sleeve Polo in black features a white knitted collar with blue stripe detailing. We’re a huge fan of this new addition from Daily Sports as it is as versatile as they come. This golf polo would look just as at home out for dinner as it would on the 18th green. A must-have addition for any keen golfer looking to make the most of their wardrobe this summer. 

Thanks to the black and white features, you can easily pair this polo with a black or white jacket for added protection. 

Build out your summer golf wardrobe with Love Golf Clothes

Explore the wide range of ladies golf clothing we have available here at Love Golf Clothes. From golf shoes perfect for your summer range sessions to caps and visors to keep the glaring sun out of your eyes on the first tee, explore the collection today. 

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