Why Lightweight Jackets are Essential for Those Who Want to Play Their Best Golf

Why Lightweight Jackets are Essential for Those Who Want to Play Their Best Golf

Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2022 By Natalie Crouch

With plenty of opportunities to get out on the course this season, it is important that you feel your best so that you can play your best. Whether you’re looking to improve your handicap or take time out for a few casual rounds, you deserve to feel confident and enjoy your game - no matter the weather. 

Prepare for the changeable forecast over the British summer and beyond with new women’s golf jackets. From sleek and understated to brightly coloured and stylish, there is a whole host to choose from when updating your golf outfits this season. Lightweight jackets will allow you to both continue playing in the sun, and protect you from the wind and rain if the weather turns.

The team here at Love Golf Clothes have outlined a few of the reasons why lightweight jackets are essential for those who want to play their best golf. We stock a range of women’s golf jackets to suit all sizes and styles, browse the full collection or read on to discover our favourites!


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Lightweight jackets are one of the most versatile pieces of golf clothing

The beauty of getting the right kit is that you’re able to make the most out of your sport. When the weather turns from bright and sunny to showery and overcast, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a t-shirt and driven inside off the course. Packing a lightweight jacket means you can quickly put on an extra layer without compromising on space in your bag.  

Some women prefer to play golf in trousers and others in shorts. Not only do jackets complement a range of golf outfits but they elevate your look, helping you to feel confident and comfortable while playing. 

Get the most out of increased freedom of movement

Never miss a shot again because of heavy and uncomfortable clothing! Lightweight golf jackets are specially designed to move with you as you play, meaning you can stay on top of your game while feeling comfortable in your clothing. 

Here at Love Golf Clothes, we believe that golf clothing should never impact your game. Some of our top seasonal picks for lightweight jackets include the J.Linderberg Seasonal Janice Jacket. The lightweight and durable design complement your shape, and the breathable material ensures you won’t overheat. What’s more, this particular style comes in two sleek, classic colours - choose from the White Janice Jacket and the Navy Janice Jacket.

Wear your new golf jacket all year round

During the glorious summer heatwaves, it’s hard to visualise a time that you would need to wear a jacket when playing golf. However, as the chillier afternoons draw in, you don’t want to be underprepared. A lightweight jacket is perfect for early mornings and late evenings on the course, as well as providing an extra layer of comfort during the change of season. 

From warm summer days to chilly autumn mornings, a new women's golf jacket is the perfect addition to your golf wardrobe. 

Step out on the course whatever the weather 

Change the way your game looks with a lightweight jacket from Love Golf Clothes