The Best and Most Versatile Pieces to Last You Winter and Summer

The Best and Most Versatile Pieces to Last You Winter and Summer

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2022 By Natalie Crouch

It is no secret that forming a golfing wardrobe that works all year round is a challenge. But when you consider it needs to be able to combat whatever the elements throw at you as well, it can be a real headache. Whether it’s waterproofs over the top of your mid-layer, or your polo tucked into your skorts, you want versatility merged with functionality & style. Finding the perfect winter and summer golf top to battle the elements can be tough, but we're here to help.

If this is an issue you’re having, you’ve come to the right place. Here at LoveGolf we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of versatile options that work all year round. Not only are we proud of the functionality of our range, but the sustainability of having a golfing wardrobe that can be worn all year round. So now you’re wondering, what women's winter golf attire can I wear in the summer and still feel my best? Join us as we run through a few items from our collection to set you up for success.


Rohnisch Aimi Jacket Heavenly Blue

The mid-layer jacket is the perfect addition to your golfing wardrobe. Lightweight enough to be worn on a summer evening but also high-tech enough to be thrown on in the colder winter months and hold in the heat. 

The Aimi Jacket from Rohnisch adds a classy and clean look to any ladies golf wardrobe. Made from 90% recycled polyester, this is a sustainable choice for a lightweight full-zip jacket. Providing high stretch for an exceptional range of movement. 

Pair this item with a pair of trousers of your choice or a pair of skorts available here at LoveGolf.

Rohnisch Miles Wind Vest Orchid Pink


Add a vest to your ladies winter golf wardrobe and you will see it feature week in week out without fail. The beauty of a vest is the fact that you can adjust the warmth you feel depending on the season. For example, if it is winter and you’re about to take on the course in some less than ideal conditions, pair your vest up with your choice of thermal layer and polo shirt. On the flip side, you’re standing on the first on a crisp summer morning, a vest and a polo can do no wrong. 

The Miles Wind Vest from Rohnisch is the perfect vest for the transition from spring into summer. Made from Lightweight stretch fabric for true comfort, this vest is comfortable for long days on the course. As well as being easy to roll up and keep in your golf bag when the sun comes out!

Daily Sports Capri Stripe Long Sleeve Polo

The long sleeve polo is a piece that every golfer should have in their wardrobe thanks to its versatility. Something that can be worn on a windy day in the height of summer to provide a bit of protection from the sun. Or as an extra layer of warmth in the winter, the long sleeve polo will slot perfectly into your game.


This playful piece from Daily Sport is made from a stretch fabric to ensure breathability and a swing that is as smooth as it is in a short sleeve polo. Ideal for winter as it is also quick to dry, meaning if you’re caught in a shower, you won’t stay wet for long!

Shop Your Year Long Wardrobe at Love Golf

Make a seamless transition from winter to summer with a golf wardrobe that is interchangeable no matter the season. From our mid-layers to our polo’s, or explore our brilliant range of new arrivals. Here at Love Golf, we pride ourselves on quality products from brands such as Green Lamb, J.Lindeberg and Pure Golf.