Are Golf Shirts Business Casual? Here's Why They Are

Are Golf Shirts Business Casual? Here's Why They Are

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 By Natalie Crouch

When most of us think of sportswear, we think of casual clothing that should not be seen off of the pitch or out of the gym. However, golf clothing is a little bit different. Golf is one of the few sports that has clothing that can be worn on the course, in the office and out for a casual evening with friends. 

This is because golf clothes are slightly more formal than other types of sportswear, and they are more in line with smarter shirts and trousers or skirts. So, are golf shirts business casual? 

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Yes, golf shirts can be considered business casual. Here’s why:

Why Golf Shirts Are Business Casual 

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Though you are unlikely to wear standard sportswear to the office - such as a tracksuit, yoga leggings or a running top - you can certainly wear a golf shirt. This is because golf shirts are tailored, stylish and versatile. Plus, they look luxurious and high quality. 

There is no risk of you looking underdressed or as though you just stepped out of the gym in a golf shirt, which is why they are ideal if you are heading from the course straight to the office or vice versa. 

They aren’t too formal or informal 

As golf shirts can be dressed up or dressed down, you can wear them from one place to another. Putting on a tailored jacket or blazer instantly transforms a golf shirt into a stylish outfit that’s worthy of the office. 

This is why so many women consider golf shirts to be a wardrobe staple. Not only are you buying a shift that can be worn when you are playing golf, you are buying a shirt that can be worn at work or when you are socialising. 

Comfortable and versatile 

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Think about it, you wouldn’t feel underdressed or out of place in a golf shirt heading to have lunch at the club after your time on the course. So, why would it be any different if you were heading to the boardroom? As long as you are wearing other appropriate clothing, a golf shirt can be transformed into an item that is perfectly acceptable at the office. 

Now you know that golf shirts are business casual, there is no limit to how and where you can wear yours. Explore our range of ladies golf clothes that will have you looking good on the course and in the boardroom. Need inspiration, we've selected 5 Ladies golf shirt must-haves so you need not look any further.

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