A guide to enhancing your game with Ladies Golfwear

A guide to enhancing your game with Ladies Golfwear

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2022 By Natalie Crouch

Whilst golf may be one of the slowest sports to progress in, and patience is one of the biggest assets you can have in your game, a lot of players are still looking for small quick fixes. There is thankfully an abundance of small fixes you can try. If they’re technical aspects of your game, they may not all work, however, if you turn to dress for better golf, it will always work. 

The evolution of golf wear for women has made the game not only more accessible but also easier (we say this lightly) to improve. As more brands such as Adidas, Rohnisch and J.Lindeberg revolutionise their ranges year on year, the technology which is used is getting more impressive. 

We thought it was necessary to put together this guide to help inform you how you can improve your golf game, simply by making the best clothing decisions.  

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Lightweight Jackets improve focus over the ball

Being comfortable on the course is one of the biggest factors in playing your best golf. A lightweight jacket that can do it all will help you achieve that level of comfort. As the name suggests, a good lightweight jacket is one that you barely feel, but definitely notice. A lot of modern lightweight women's jackets provide exceptional wind coverage that ultimately allows you to focus on your game. We would recommend seeking out a waterproof version also, this means you have even fewer decisions to make on the course with regards to your attire. 

If you’re struggling to find the perfect lightweight jacket for your needs, fret not, as we have put together a guide for this very occasion. Discover the best lightweight jacket options available here at Love Golf Clothes.


Why not try the Rohnisch Packable Wind Jacket?

This is one of our favourite lightweight jackets available here at Love Golf Clothes. Not only because it is made out of a brilliant wind-resistant material, it also has adjustable sleeves allowing the golfer to assess the conditions and make the call on long or short sleeves for the round. 

Add the Rohnisch Packable Wind Jacket to your wardrobe today. Available in XS through to XXXL, meaning it is a great option for women looking for plus-size golf wear.


Swap the Jumper for a Gilet and gain yards off the tee

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when you’re setting up for your shot. If something doesn’t right at address, the chances are the swing and contact that will follow are going to be less than satisfactory. One of the biggest issues is the clothing you’re wearing restricting how well your arms can swing. If you choose to wear a gilet, you will notice how naturally your arms swing in comparison. You may even find extra yards off the tee as a result of being able to swing further and faster. 


The Chervo Gilet to take shots from your game

Similar to the aforementioned Rohnisch lightweight jacket, the Chervo Evidge vest is made out of an ultra-lightweight material meaning it offers exceptional protection but also minimal obstruction. It also has Aqua-drop technology built into the fabrics, meaning this gilet is water resistant. 


Ladies golf shoes that will leave a mark on your game, not the green

Often a golfer's consideration for their outfit stops when it comes to footwear. But it is becoming more apparent that choosing the right golf shoes for you and your game is essential to succeed out on the course. In the modern game, we have seen the rise of spikeless golf shoes and this is for good reason. They tend to be lighter on foot as well as provide a similar level of traction as the traditionally spiked golf shoes.


No golf wardrobe is complete without Duca Del Cosma

Light and comfortable in equal measure, the Duca Del Cosma Siren golf shoe is the perfect addition for those golfers looking to feel their best when standing on the tee box. Thanks to the spikeless nature of these shoes, unlike the traditional shoe, they don’t have pressure points caused by the spikes that can be felt. This ultimately makes them the comfier shoe.


Keep your eyes on the prize and the sun out of them

Visors are an essential addition to any golfing wardrobe, ensuring your focus is solely on striking the ball is a key factor in consistent play. Whilst you can’t do much about the noises out on the course, you can filter what you see, and importantly, how much you see. 


Daily Sports Visors are a must-have

Here at Love Golf Clothes, we’re huge advocates of wearing a visor out on the course. Not only does it stop things such as heat stroke, but it also means you can fully focus on the task at hand. The Daily Sports Marina Visor in white has a classic look that would fit into any golfer's wardrobe. Also thanks to its simple design, it means it is versatile. This could easily be worn on a regular summer's day, whether you’re on the course or not. 

Looking for more ways to beat the summer heat? We have the blog just for you!


Change the way you play when you shop golf wear for women at Love Golf Clothes

Here at Love Golf Clothes, something we pride ourselves on most is offering clothing that is not only versatile and comfortable but also brings the best out of you. Browse the Love Golf collection and find the outfit that brings the best out of your golf game. 

If you have any questions regarding the sizing of any of our products, please consult our sizing guide. If you have any questions that haven't been answered by our guides, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. 

In the meantime, why not check out our blog? Here you will find all the best guides in helping you put together the best golf wardrobe to enhance your game.